Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company & Present Plus launch innovative website

Powerhouse Company has launched their new website in collaboration with Present Plus. Present Plus, the Amsterdam-based innovations studio, designed a complete online experience, and produced all video-content for the website. It's a unique and original approach to the usually archive-based architectural websites: by highlighting a selection of Powerhouse Company's projects through beautiful, cinematic, tailor-made, editorial content. http://powerhouse-company.com

Highlights include:

Powerhouse Company

Powerhouse Company is an architectural company founded in 2004 by Charles Bessard and Nanne de Ru. Bessard and De Ru launched Powerhouse Company as a European firm, simultaneously opening two offices: one in Copenhagen, Denmark and one in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Powerhouse Company works on international commissions that range from furniture design to architecture, planning and research. Founded on a unique model of collaboration, Powerhouse Company has developed a distinctive attitude towards collaboration with other disciplines as well as other architects. The firm has received numerous accolades, including the Dutch Design Award, the AM/NAi prize, and the Prix Spéciale for best office of École Supérieur d'Architecture in Paris. 

Present Plus

Present Plus is a creative innovations and digital culture studio whose focus is to create demand for companies, brands and products through design, branded content, and integrated events. Present Plus is the team behind One Minute WonderKuvvaGallery 33, and helped build the new WeTransfer. Present Plus has previously worked with clients like Hardy Amies, adidas, WeTransfer, Stella McCartney, The Inoue Brothers, Mercedes Benz and National Geographic.

About Present Plus

Present Plus is an innovations studio with a passion for design, software, culture, and story-telling. We co-founded, built & designed WeTransfer. Started Kuvva and believe in wonders. We also enjoy collaborating with brands, marketing products and celebrate creativity in our Gallery.